Gastric Band Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help you lose weight by addressing different issues, usually this is done over 5 sessions. However you may find it useful to kick start your weight loss programme with a special gastric band session. Particularly if your weight gain is due to overeating.

This is a private and effective way of tackling weight loss, many clients don’t even tell their friends they are doing this session and wait for them to mention how much weight they are losing!

This unique session gives you a flavour of what hypnosis for weight loss is really about, and how your mind can adjust what you are eating through simply shifting unconscious perceptions of what your body needs to keep you healthy, slim and fit.

The Gastric Band Hypnosis session seeks to imprint the suggestion in your subconscious that your stomach is smaller, encouraging you to eat less and listen to your body more. Imagine that your stomach is smaller and that you become full after small healthy portions, so that you eat less and rather than being stored as fat  the excess stays on the plate or goes in the bin.   The fact is many of us eat too much and we know that by reducing portion sizes and doing a little more exercise, your weight will go down.*

With each session you get a weightloss Mp3, which has great reviews and we’ve had people get brilliant results.

I’m a 55 year old woman who has had weight problems and food issues all my life.
I have been listening to the album every day for a week now and having just weighed myself I am totally amazed to have lost 9lbs!!! I can’t say I definitely believe I have a gastric band, however I have decreased portion sizes, have not binged once, am aware of what I am eating and when and have not craved chocolate or crisps all week.
A knock on effect of the relaxation is that I am calmer and happier in other areas of my life as well such as the workplace.

For once I feel in control of my eating and my life.
Buy this, give it a go what have you got to lose?????????

As a Postscript: Week 2 – another 2lbs off!! That’s 11lbs in two weeks! Still no chocolate or crisps. I feel in control, lighter in mind and body and calmer.”

Each session costs just £99 and includes an ongoing 20% discount for Hypnosis for Weight Loss classes in Grantham.

* For those with a medical condition relating to weight gain, or one that makes it harder to exercise change may take longer. In these circumstances please consult with your Dr before embarking on a weight-loss and exercise programme.
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