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Sophie Fletcher

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Sophie speaks regularly at events and trains midwifes and hypnotherapists in hypnosis and mindfulness preparation for birth.  She is also a guest lecturer at Nottingham University School of Midwifery.

Sophie has a Masters in Language and Culture, and is an expert on the the use of symbols and imagery in our culture and language, spoken and written, and how they represent our psychological and spiritual change and growth.

If you would like Sophie to speak at an event or run a workshop please get in touch.

Examples of themes she often talks on are:

  • Hypnosis and menopause
  • The history of symbolism, language and change
  • Hypnosis and mindfulness for birth
  • The role of self-efficacy in fear of childbirth
  • Breastfeeding and hypnosis
  • The psychology of choice
  • The hypnobirthing birth partner
  • Language and the caregiver
  • On the spot hypnosis and mindfulness techniques for birth professionals
  • Self-care: Caring for the carer – hypnosis and mindfulness for professionals
  • The power of suggestion and birth experience

Sophie also gives general talks on hypnotherapy and how we can use it to think ‘think better and live better’.

Sophie runs some group classes a year, but also private classes so please get in touch if you are interested in booking a class with her.

For a list of up and coming events please watch this space


October 26/27/28th – RCM accredited Mindful Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training in Grantham (Leicestershire/Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire border). FULLY BOOKED

November 10th  – Mindful Hypnobirthing Class £150 a couple – Click here to book

December the 1st AIMS Conference, I have a stand – come and say hello!


January the 11th – Mindful Hypnobirthing Class – £150 a couple Click here to book

February 8/9/10 – Surrey RCM Accredited Mindful Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training – Last Few Placed Remaining

March 9th – Mindful Hypnobirthing Class – £150 a couple – Click here to book

June 21/22/23 – Grantham RCM accredited  Mindful Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training













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