Weight loss hypnotherapy

Drop down to the size or weight your wish to be.

Sophie makes sure that while you slim that you are also happy with your body image.

Her quick hit, weight reduction programme is based on a very simple observation – diets rarely work, but when you are ready it can be much easier to flick the switch of healthy eating on.

Most people who go on a diet, or starting a weightloss programme at the wrong time in their life, may find it harder to drop weight or they may return to their old eating habits, putting on more weight than before.

If you want to transform yourself into a slim person permanently you must change your relationship with food and exercise.

Our programme can help you address

  • Emotional eating – ‘I keep eating but I never feel full’
  • Unconscious eating – ‘where did that packet of biscuits go?’
  • Exercise aversion – ‘I can’t find the time to exercise’
  • Body image – ‘I feel fat and unattractive’

“My two step weight reduction sessions will help you transform yourself into the slim person you want to be.

The first session sets your goal, and establishes where you want to be and what you want to achieve. We increase your motivation and explore simple adjustments that you can make unconsciously to drop the weight you want to.

The second session we can explore techniques such as Gastric Band Hypnosis, which makes you feel fuller, quicker when eating.”

Everyone who attends this programme gets my weightless album FREE so you can continue the work we do weeks and months after the session.


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