Private Mindful Hypnobirthing

Birth is what you make it

Choose to be confident and to trust in your body.

When you book a tailored mindful hypnobirthing class with a specialist hypnotherapist like Sophie you can safely and confidently explore fears and anxieties that may be troubling you about the pregnancy, birth or the period after your baby is born.  Her experience means that you can explore a range of different techniques, such as mindfulness, hypnosis and NLP, giving you the confidence that the ones you are learning are the right ones for you.

You can book a private class with with her and she’ll come to your home for a day with a unique, tailor made mindful hypnobirthing programme and hypnosis tracks to help you with your birth.  If you would like a group class please read about our Mindful Mamma classes run across the UK by other practitioners. 



The advantage of working privately

  • These classes are completely private and confidential in your own home.
  • They can be tailored to your own wishes and expectations of birth.
  • You’ll learn aspects of hypnosis and mindfulness for the birth.
  • Increase you and your birth partners confidence. If you have a doula she can attend to.
  • You get your own tailored hypnosis tracks.
  • Free copy of ‘Mindful Hypnobirthing’
  • Sophie is on the end of the phone if you need her for support until your baby is born.

To read more about hypnosis for birth you can read this article Sophie wrote for Midwife International or read our FAQs.

Sophie is one of the UKs most experienced hypnotherapists working in the field of pregnancy and birth. She is a specialist advisor for the National Council for Hypnotherapy, guest lecture at Nottingham University School of Midwifery and author of ‘Mindful Hypnobirthing‘. In 2008 she founded Mindful Mamma, a flexible one day class teaching hypnosis, mindfulness and NLP for birth.  She was the first person in the UK to combine mindfulness with hypnosis which has excellent results. in London, Surrey and the East Midlands. Please contact us for further details.


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