Mindful Hypnobirthing

Mindful Mamma is our Mindful Hypnobirthing class. On the Mindful Mamma website, you can find a class near you, tap into our resources, read our blog, and download mindful hypnobirthing mp3s. We have an active Facebook community at www.facebook.com/mindfulmamma and you can also follow us on twitter @mindfulmamma to find tips, and competitions relating to ‘Mindful Hypnobirthing’.

If you are interested in a private class with Sophie please click here.

Our Mindful Mamma Promise

Sophie set up Mindful Mamma with Mia Scotland in 2008. The class is designed with your unique birth in mind, and all our practitioners are picked based on their existing experience working as health professionals in the field of pregnancy and birth. They may be hypnotherapist, psychologist, a midwife, or an antenatal teacher but all our practitioners have years of experience working with people in a therapeutic capacity.

We are the only hypnobirthing organisation to insist that all our practitioners have extensive previous experience in working with pregnant women therapeutically. This means each practitioner is able to be flexible in how they teach, making it the perfect class to adapt to each individual couple.





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