Hypnotherapy testimonials

A big thank you to Clients who been kind enough the offer feedback to share with those who are looking for solutions to challenges in their lives.

“Just to let you know I PASSED my Pt3 Driving test! Want to say a BIG THANK YOU for your help.”

“I wanted to email and say thank you for helping me overcome my escalator phobia. The strategies you gave me really helped and I had a wonderful time in London last Monday – the escalators were hardly even an issue. Even better, I’ve now conquered the large scary escalator at my workplace now!  Many thanks again for all your help. “

“After 3 hypnotherapy sessions with Sophie I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  After suffering anxiety and worry for such a long time, I now feel able to deal with life much better.  Sophie made me feel comfortable and trusting and I would certainly recommend her”.

“Sophie and I shared a client who was having problems with her fertility. Sophie was great in helping her cope with what was happening to her. Made my job as the clients homeopath much easier.” January 22, 2011

“Sophie is a fantastic hypnotherapist and a lovely person. Her intuitive skills and calming expertise bring out fundamental changes in consciousness and great results. I recommend Sophie’s work for traditional ailments, but also try her for mind body spirit. Ground breaking stuff!” Liz Villani, Author of Awakening 

“Sophie has helped me a tremendous amount with my recent issues, the major one being massive memory issues, she is a great hypnotherapist and a lovely person. I recommend Sophie to you all.”

 “I just wanted to say a massive thank you for making me happy within myself and for helping me live in peace with my eight legged friends!  I can’t recommend  you enough to other people.”

Doula Feedback

After a very distressing first birth with lots of medical intervention I was determined to have a different experience with my second child.  Sophie was the perfect support person to help me before, during and after the birth.  She was so encouraging and totally changed my mindset so that I was confident that I could birth differently this time.  When I had questions, especially as I went past my due date again, Sophie helped me to see all perspectives not just the hospital protocol.  She gave me balance and guidance and was always available when I needed her.  On the day of my baby’s birth I was so excited to ring Sophie in the middle of the night to meet me at hospital.  It was just how we had planned and exactly what I had spent weeks hoping for.  I had a quick and beautiful birth, so much of which is down to Sophie’s help.  Even my husband says she transformed the delivery room into a calming place, I think her just being there changed the atmosphere. I will never forget my birth experience for all the right reasons and my husband and I now have a beautiful, calm and happy baby which we can enjoy.  Thanks Sophie!  Xxx

Sophie was fantastic. We didn’t know what we would have done without her! Sophie helped to create a comfortable, supportive environment. Even when circumstances meant we were forced to deviate from the plan, sophie ensured that the birth was loving, calm and supportive. She gave me a much needed hug after the birth and gave us the space to enjoy the first moments with our beautiful daughter. – Nikki

Sophie gave amazing support and worked really well with my husband and midwife. She found little things that really made a difference and had a very calm manner which helped with my breathing. She was great talking me though things were happening. It meant me and my husband were able to relax in the lead up to the birth, knowing we were going to be supported. Loved the calm approach, happy parents, happy baby! Sarah and Andrew

Sophie was amazing and was there every step of the way giving me support. Words cannot express how I feel about the support I received. Sophie kept me calm and relaxed and was my main support throughout labour. She also supported my husband and kept him focussed on filling the pool and calling the midwife. Sophie showed love and support. Sophie was born to be a doula and I will never forget how special she is and the support she gave. – Cat and Sid

Hypnobirthing class feedback

I thought the course was excellent, and provided my husband and I with enough information and techniques to recap on what we had learned from having our son 2 years ago. I now feel more confident in aiming for a natural labour.

The course was brilliant, although we were somewhat sceptical beforehand it was great experience, and a super day to share together our expectations and needs.

The class definitely made me feel more in control and confident about what I want from my birthing experience. It was also invaluable for my husband. He was greatful for the list of tasks he has on the day and it helped to be in the company of other men whilst discussing childbirth. He feels much more relaxed now, which in turn relaxes me. What a good class.

We both thought the course was excellent in every way and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

I’m looking forward to my birth experience and left the venue with a smile on my face and a bounce in my stride. This Course should be standard for every pregnant mother and her birth partner.

I felt so relaxed after the course i thought i may fall asleep while driving home. Even my sceptical husband enjoyed it (even though it think he felt some elements difficult to do) but at least he now really understands the concepts behind it and is supportive of my decision. Thanks again.

I have been meaning to write and say how much we enjoyed the class! I have practiced every day since and really feeling the benefits of the relaxation. The turbo-heartburn I was suffering has also calmed down which must be related.

Thank you so much for the class/program on Saturday, it was really helpful and informative and outlines (and makes clearer) the options for a more natural/physiological relaxed birth. Combining this with the hypno birthing side of the class I can say with confidence we are both really looking forward and excited about the birth of our son!  We have already spoken about the dedication we both need to put in prior to the birth to make this work for the 3 of us and this is thanks to yourself for the reassurance and the techniques that you have taught us both that will pass through to our baby.  Mu husband has already started doing the 5-4-3-2-1 relaxation to get him back to sleep in the middle of the night and then the counting down from 10-1 to deepen his sleep…… he can only remember getting to 6 before he was obviously flat out!!….. Maybe he should be the one birthing lol!! At least it proves to me he has learnt and on board with me on this one which installs further confidence into me for our birth.

Thanks for a brilliant class. I feel so much more relaxed about the whole thing and as a lovely bonus am now sleeping at night (after practising with the CD). Feel like a different person.

A quick note to thank you for a brilliant day yesterday.  We both really enjoyed and found it very beneficial.  I have just been on to our nct facebook site that one of the girls created for us.  I have entered your details and suggested they contact you. “My husband is a professional development consultant, running his own business and I head up HR for a division of  Bank  (where I am a professional trainer/manage a large training function and have actively encouraged and run courses to support working parents – we run programmes through pregnancy and returning for both mothers and their managers, also had next generation coaching course insourced to continue the ongoing support of parents balancing the work of managing their children and work etc).  So working in the practice you are always a little more “expectant” of standards.  We both came away saying how brilliant you were and are!

Chris and I just wanted to say thank you for such an excellent course last week.  Chris came along with no real preconceived ideas about the labour (and he’s generally quite a positive person anyway) and, although I have seen many labours before, they’ve not always been great experiences for obvious reasons, so was beginning to get quite scared.  However, the course, whilst opening up lots of questions (a good thing!), firstly put us much more at ease and secondly got us talking more about what we wanted for our labour.  I learnt so much that I didn’t know about before.

Thanks so much for this, and a really great class on Saturday.  Both Jay and I really enjoyed it and have already done our first practice session last night!  Given that Jay was really sceptical when I first mentioned the class to him the fact that he came away so engaged is a glowing endorsement really.

Thanks for the class back in mid November. I had my little boy Freddy with gas and air and managed to avoid all drama. It was a tough 29 hours, but it was certainly helped along enormously by my attitude which was down to Mindful Mammas. He came 15 days late and weighed 9 pounds 1oz!

Hi! I just ordered your relaxing MP3 and was delighted immediately with the quality of the recording, the voice, the music, and the relaxing, reassuring words spoken. Yay!

Had a fab day yesterday! The great thing for me is that I was feeling calm about labour and birth already, but the closer we get to D-day the more people have been telling me it won;t go as i want and i will be asking for epidurals and such, and i started thinking maybe I was mad to feel calm. And chris also thought that I was being too calm. We have left your course feeling confident that actually I can do this! To know that Chris is now confident in my decisions is fantastic. Thank you!!

My boyfriend and I have had a wonderful day on the Nottingham course today….I’m feeling extremely relaxed and calm and cannot wait to try out the techniques learnt and get the birthing preferences written down on my notes :) Thank you Sophie :)

Thought that tonight I was going to have to make the difficult decision of whether to be induced or not as my baby would be 14 days ‘overdue’ tomorrow and I wouldn’t be allowed to deliver in my local midwife unit and would have to make 50 mile round trips for daily monitoring otherwise. Instead I gave birth naturally in water with no pain relief this morning. First baby to be born in the brand new Hexham birthing pool and had her first photoshoot this morning for the local press :-)

I just wanted to say that Dave and I really enjoyed our Day with Sophie in Nottingham yesterday. I will obviously be able to share more when we have had the baby – but i think the preparation between this time and september will be ever increased and improved by what we learned yesterday – the things we learned seem to require partnership – which can only serve to strengthen our relationship and our birthing – and parenting – experience.

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for a fab day – we are both buzzing from the session and really excited about the next few weeks.

I did really enjoy the course yesterday and I am definitely feeling much more positive, I was surprised actually by how much Luke and I talked about the course immediately after and the impact it has had on Luke, We both feel like he is more involved now and that he has got an invaluable role to play!

Thank you again for the course last weekend which we both enjoyed and learned new things from.

Generally quite excited about the birth now, and I think the course was a real turning point.

I came in with a very sceptical husband who was telling his mates on Saturday night how fantastic the course was and giving tips to those who are going to be Dads later in the year.We also learned so many simple things that we wouldn’t have even thought about before like the fact that I find it so much easier to relax when Mike is touching me.

I just wanted to say thank you, for such an interesting relaxing and empowering day. Both Martin and I really enjoyed it, and he’s got just what I hoped he would out of it – some confidence in his own abilities as a husband, supporter, advocate and future Dad!

I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for the fantastic course on Saturday. We have talked about almost nothing else since we left your home and both feel that we have gained so much from it.

I would just like to commend you on designing and running such a really fantastic course! It really has empowered both of us,to the point where most of our fears about birth have disappeared already. We have always wanted to go down the natural birth route, but felt that there was not enough support & advice out there about how to do it drug and pain free. Your course, although short, covered pretty much all aspects that I felt were missing from our antenatal classes & many more. Vic now feels a lot more confidant, and I actually feel like I have a proper role in the whole event, other that driving her to the hospital & sitting on the rocking chair!

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